About Us

Hi from Wraith, Ben, Chris

Hi there! We are a trio of ambient guitar enthusiasts who love to share our passion for this genre of music. Here’s a little bit about us:

– Wraith: I’m a graphic designer from Finland who fell in love with ambient guitar when I heard Brian Eno and Robert Fripp for the first time. I play a Les Paul guitar with a lot of pedals and effects. I like to create soundscapes and atmospheric melodies.

– Ben: I’m a software engineer from California who started playing ambient guitar after discovering Sigur Rós. I play a Gibson Les Paul with a loop station and a synthesizer. I like to experiment with different textures and rhythms.

– Chris: I’m a music teacher from New York who has been playing ambient guitar for over a decade. I play a Martin acoustic guitar with a delay and reverb pedal. I like to blend acoustic and electric sounds and explore different tunings.

a painting of the authors of the site
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